A meeting was held at the State Service with the Association of Poultry and Egg Producers and Exporters of Azerbaijan

As part of anti-inflation measures, a meeting was held at the State Service for Antimonopoly and Consumer Market Control under the Ministry of Economy with members of the Azerbaijan Poultry and Egg Producers and Exporters Public Union.

The areas of partnership between the State Service and the Association, the impact of the ongoing rise in prices on the world market on the price of poultry and eggs were discussed at the event. The members of the association reported on certain issues they face, despite the fact that local producers have the potential to fully meet the demand for these products. The main reason for the possible delays in the production chain, they said, was the failure of large retail chains to pay for the products they buy from producers on time.

During the meeting, the head of the State Service Mammad Abbasbeyli stressed that special attention is paid to food products included in the consumer basket to ensure food security of the population in the framework of anti-inflation measures. It was noted that such an approach of large trade networks to entrepreneurs shows signs of serious violations of the law and hinders the implementation of anti-inflationary measures. In this regard, field investigations were conducted based on appeals received by the State Service. Given that the issue could directly affect food security, serious actions will be taken against these businesses if violations are found.