State Service Information

As a result of economic and political events in the world, there is an increase in food wheat prices in global and imported markets. However, against the background of growing demand for pre-holiday food products in the country, the State Service for Antimonopoly and Consumer Market Control under the Ministry of Economy carries out regular monitoring and strict control measures to prevent abuses and unjustified changes in prices in the local flour and flour products market. Urgent measures will be taken in this area if there are signs of cartel deals (price agreements), price manipulations and other antitrust violations.

It should be noted that, based on the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers "On strengthening urgent measures to strengthen anti-inflation measures in the Republic of Azerbaijan", the State Service has included research in the food market in the list of priority areas in terms of compliance with antitrust law. Within the framework of these measures, a number of market participants have already been asked to submit information in order to justify their pricing policy.

It should be noted that food prices in Azerbaijan are formed not on the basis of regulated prices for wheat, flour and bread, but on the basis of supply and demand in accordance with the principles of a market economy. At the same time, at the beginning of the year, large flour and bread producers appealed to citizens about the raise of flour price. Recognizing their important role in food supply, they said that if the price of flour is adjusted to the current price of food wheat, they will make every effort to ensure that the price of bread and flour products does not rise above the level set by the 2022 harvest.

It should be noted that flour producers regularly report to the State Service information on wholesale prices for flour, wholesale centers and outlets, as well as working hours and contact numbers. In order to ensure access to information, the State Service provides this information on the official website (https://competition.gov.az/en/page/melumat-merkezi/faydali/un-istehsalcilari-topdansatis-mentegeleri-satis-qiymetleri-ve-is-vaxti-barrede-melumat). This information is updated regularly.

Consumers and entrepreneurs can apply to the State Service in case of price manipulation.

Contact phone: (+99412) 599-76-00;

email address: office@competition.gov.az.